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Japan bans porn exports to China in retaliation for seizure of cargo ship

Japan bans porn exports to China in retaliation for seizure of cargo ship

The dispute between China and Japan showed no signs of abatement yesterday, after Japan was reported by domestic media to have taken steps to ban the export of specialist pornography to China. Japan is believed to also be behind the blocking of all porn sites in China, which the Chinese government is reporting as domestic … Continue reading

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China Daily Mail is a collection of original and reposted stories (from sites blocked in China), taken from around the internet. Our 59 contributors share their opinions, experiences and selected stories about matters that affect China and the world.

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Important Notice: Fraud Warning

China Daily Mail does not recruit teachers for China, nor does it advertise teaching positions. We actually expose such criminal rackets, and as a result, have become the targets of the people we expose.

Several fake websites have been set up using the free Blogger and WordPress platforms, claiming we do this, and that we defraud people. Posts have also been made on known extortion sites such as China Scam Busters, as well as on propaganda sites aimed at expats, such as eChinacities.

It is simply blackmail, and has no truth to it. We have been contacted by the people that created these sites and posts, demanding money if we wanted the sites and posts deleted. We do not submit to the demands of common criminals.

We are also aware that thousands of businesses and individuals in China have been targeted by such extortion attempts using fake websites and posts. The sites and posts do not make reference to any well known, reliable or reputable source, and generally have a very "child-like" look to them.


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