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China says its home-grown large aircraft are a new driving force for China’s manufacturing sector

Chinese government’s primetime TV news CCTV  yesterday gave first place to its report on China’s three new large aircraft. It said that China’s efforts in developing large aircraft have reached the harvesting stage. General assembly of China’s AG600, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, began yesterday and construction of China’s C919 airliner will begin soon. China’s … Continue reading

China says it will produce over 300 of its new large military transport aircraft Y-20 within 10 years, surpassing the US in technology

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media: reports that China’s new prototype of the Y-20 large military transport aircraft has succeeded in its recent test flight. It is the fourth Y-20 prototype known so far. China’s first prototype of the Y-20 large transport aircraft successfully carried out its … Continue reading

China’s Taihang engine leads the world in aircraft thrust-weight ratio

The Y-20 heavy lift aircraft will finally use the engines developed independently by China. Satisfactory progress has been made in developing them now!” said Chen Maozhang, China’s aviation engine expert and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, with joy, confidence and pride. According to military expert Wang Yanan’s comments, the Taihang engine can absolutely be … Continue reading

China unveils giant military transport plane

When it comes to adapting military technology, China has taken some significant steps in a relatively short space of time. This has been evidenced with the release of China’s first stealth fighters in 2010, it’s first aircraft carrier in 2011, and now, its first long-range transport plane. Known as the Xian Y-20, this homegrown transport … Continue reading

China test flies heavy air force freight plane

China said it successfully tested a heavy air force freighter that could be a mostly homegrown substitute for the older Russian planes it now uses while substantially boosting the Chinese military’s global reach. The Y-20 flew took off from its development base near the northwestern city of Xi’an on Saturday, the China Daily and other … Continue reading


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