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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 5, 2016

Last was definitely a week of over-reaching. Asian Communist leaders, like American second-place primary candidates, clearly don’t know when they are losing. They just keep going, no matter the dangers, no matter the doom. China’s hardline is beyond hardline. This came out this week as an ambassador explained there is no negotiation with China. Beijing truly … Continue reading

Has North Korea’s Kim Jong-un replaced John Boehner as Speaker of the House?

We have met the enemy and it is us: we have become too tired to be effective and hence are becoming indifferent. The charade on Capitol Hill continues, and not only about the nuke “deal” with Iran. Will the carnival end before it’s too late, or will Obama continue to win? The House speaker is elected by … Continue reading

China concerned about North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons programs coming to special economic zones

Given recent events in North Korea, China is concerned about the development of Special Economic Zones, and the possibility of their use for Iran’s nuclear weapons development. In addition to her own nuclear weapons development and assistance to Iran, North Korea is trying to establish new zones to accommodate foreign investors and businesses. Iran could … Continue reading

How North Korea copes with China’s uncouth tourists

North Korea’s tourism workers may look down on their boorish northern visitors but they also appreciate their big-spending ways When hordes of Chinese tourists descend on Pyongyang, there’s a mixed reaction from North Korea’s tourism workers: they are pleased their No 1 visitors will be splurging on everything from souvenirs to casinos, but then there’s … Continue reading

North Korea’s relations with China and the U.S.

“While the dropping flowers pine for love, the heartless brook babbles on.” It is a well-known Chinese saying that was often used in Chinese old fictions when describing the failure of a lovely girl in pursuing a heartless boy. In my post China’s Greater Asia co-prosperity sphere I said that China wants to set a North … Continue reading

North Korea: Escape From Camp 14

For a pretty scary look at what’s going on in North Korea, at least in some of the prison camps. As China‘s closest ally, what goes on in North Korea has special significance in this region. Escape from Camp 14, which is a biography of Shin Dong-Hyuk gives you a real scary look at that nation. It’s scary … Continue reading

Why I don’t envy North Korean activist Kim Young-hwan now detained in China

International sporting events always seem to put North Korea back in the globe. Media reports in 2010 showed the North Korean soccer team being humiliated by government officials and crowds in their country after having had to drop out of the soccer world cup in South Africa without a point. Rumours had it that the … Continue reading

More changes in North Korea due to China’s influence

In my post at the beginning of this year, I described the lack of loyalty to the Kim Dynasty reflected in Korea media’s New Year editorials. I pointed out that the Kim Dynasty would collapse if the new leader failed to carry out a reform to feed his people and improve their living standards. The … Continue reading


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