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China ‘UFO’ may have been the fourth of China’s midcourse ICBM interception tests

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media: China Review News Agency says in its report that in the evening of May 23, web users in Ningxia, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces witnessed a UFO. Judging by the photos provided by them, its trailing cloud is unique in shape. … Continue reading

China making preparations to counter US nuclear attack

China showcased its strategic nuclear submarines when there were prospects of a war with Japan that may involve the US. It was afraid that the US might retaliate with nuclear weapons if China sank a US aircraft carrier. By showcasing the submarines, China told the US that it has second-strike capabilities with strategic nuclear submarines … Continue reading

Chinese media says China’s hypersonic missiles can neutralise America’s ICBMs

The following is based on a translation from Chinese media: The May issue of Canada’s “Kanwa Defense Review” says in its report that China is developing a hypersonic flying vehicle, which is also called the glide missile system. In November 2014, [unspecified] Russian media [reportedly] published an article stating that China tested a hypersonic gliding … Continue reading

China’s formidable rocket artillery; 10,000 nuclear warheads capable of destroying Russia and United States

The following is a translation from Chinese media, with commentary: China’s says in its report that the vice director of an [unnamed] Russian institute of political and military analysis has published an article on the serious underestimation of China’s military strength. His article is aimed at warning the Russian military of China’s growing military … Continue reading

China’s nuclear arsenal perhaps world’s largest – up to 10,000 warheads says in its comprehensive report on July 24, 2013: “According to an article in Russian Military Messenger weekly on July 24 titled “China’s grand nuclear gift—China may have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world”, the author, a deputy director of the Russian Institute for Political and Military Analysis, believes that from the perspective … Continue reading

China’s ICBM with MIRV warheads will be commissioned soon

A Russian Military-Industry Complex News Net’s report on April 3 quoted some disturbing news from retired General Viktor Yesin, the former chief of the main staff of Russian Strategic Rocket Forces. General Yesin said at the round-table conference, organised by RIA Novosti on April 2: China will soon finish its development of a module missile, … Continue reading


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