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China’s “world-fastest” supercomputers sit idle and serve no useful purpose

Having endeavoured to become a major technological power and reduce its dependence on the West, China has built the second largest collection of supercomputers after the U.S., including the world’s fastest supercomputer, the Tianhe-2. But it seems a lot of these massive machines, usually made with large government investment, lie idle after they are made, … Continue reading

China: Man stole iPhone, but conscience got the better of him

Not every victim of theft is as lucky as Chinese man Zou Bin. A thief who stole his iPhone apparently felt guilty because he later sent its rightful owner a manually transcribed list of a thousand contacts. It took up eleven pages. According to local media reports, the thief stole the iPhone belonging to Zou … Continue reading

Chen’s confession: who to trust in China now?

What can you trust in China these days? An investigative journalist who says a well-known company has allegedly been manipulating its financial results? Or the company that denies that point-blank? How about a police force that crosses provincial lines to arrest the “offending” journalist on suspicion of damaging that company’s commercial reputation? Above all, can … Continue reading

China: Tang Hui’s victory important in battle for democratic supervision

CCTV reporter Ji Chenghai reported on Monday: “With respect to the case of Tang Hui v. Hunan Yongzhou Committee of Re-education Through Labour for administrative compensation, at 9:15 am, Hunan Higher People’s Court gave its verdict of final instance. “Tang Hui has won the case. The Committee has been ordered to pay Tang 1,941 yuan … Continue reading

Terrifying climb to get to school in southern China

That’s one way to get to the top of the class… The terrifying climb of Chinese school children as young as five, forced to scale sheer cliffs to get to school. The mountain-top village of only 100 residents is cut off from the outside world, apart from ladders leading to the valley below. Brave schoolchildren … Continue reading

China plans to build the world’s largest skyscraper in just 90 days

If only constructing a skyscraper were as easy as stacking Legos. Then, we’d be throwing together 200-story towers in a matter of weeks, just clicking blocks together until we got bored. But the idea isn’t so far-fetched: if China’s Broad Sustainable Building Corp. is doing its math and crossing its ts properly, it could be … Continue reading

China silver demand to climb to record

Investment Demand for Hard Assets to Protect Wealth Silver demand in China, the world’s second-largest user, is set to jump as much as 10 percent next year to a record as investors look to preserve wealth, according to Beijing Antaike Information Development Co. Consumption may climb to 7,700 metric tons after gaining 6 percent to … Continue reading

China to reform 1950s labour camp system, but won’t abolish

China’s system of imprisoning people in labour camps without trial is problematic, and the government is working on reforms, a senior judicial official said on Tuesday. Jiang Wei, the head of a government committee on judicial reform, said the government has found widespread agreement among legal scholars and lawmakers on the need to reform the … Continue reading

China: Zhou Qiang set for Politburo despite Li Wangyang scandal

The party secretary of a troubled province is regarded as a reformist and a strong bet for the Politburo but he may be too low-key for some. Despite a recent series of scandals in Hunan , provincial party secretary Zhou Qiang is still seen as a contender for promotion to the powerful Politburo at the … Continue reading

Chinese officials discourage popular campaign against child abduction

A government sparing no effort to round up human rights activists but lacking enthusiasm in saving kidnapped children sold as beggars will certainly be discarded by the people when they take actions on their own. Selfish officials, it is time for you to reform! SCMP says in its report titled Anti-abduction effort faulted: “The Ministry … Continue reading

China: Woman jailed for fighting daughter’s rape case now free

Authorities on Friday released a woman sent to a labour camp for campaigning for harsher sentences for the seven men convicted of abducting, raping and prostituting her 11-year-old daughter, with officials apparently bowing to public pressure in the highly emotional case. Tang Hui was ordered by police in Hunan province’s Yongzhou city last Thursday to … Continue reading

Police charge activist who cast doubt on Li Wangyang’s suicide

Radio Television Hong Kong reports: “China’s @weiquanwang website says that Hunan rights activist Zhu Chengzhi was arrested by Shaoyang police for the crime of ‘inciting subversion of state power’ on July 25 and is now detained at Shaoyang Detention Center.” “The website says that Zhu is Li Wangyang’s close friend and had always been concerned … Continue reading

Hunan Hospital Passed Water for Vaccine

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily says, according to Hunan’s, a hospital in You County, Hunan Province was exposed to have deceived people by passing water for crystalli vaccine to be injected in children in order to make fraudulent money. The hospital charged 168 yuan (US$26) for an injection but injected water into the child after … Continue reading

Rule of law at any price on mainland China

Last week, Hunan provincial police announced they would launch a fresh probe into the suspicious death in hospital of June 4 activist Li Wangyang. The decision has apparently been prompted by the public outcry in Hong Kong where tens of thousands of people including prominent politicians and lawmakers called for an open and thorough investigation … Continue reading

Hasty cremation of activist’s body by Chinese authorities ‘without consent’

Hong Hong’s Ming Pao reports that in the incident of the bizarre death of democracy activist Li Wangyang in Shaoyang, Hunan Province, the authorities conducted an autopsy in haste without his relatives’ consent, and cremated his body yesterday morning. Li’s friends condemned the authorities for destroying evidence in doing so. Li’s relatives and the democracy … Continue reading

Demand in China, Hong Kong for investigation of June 4 leader’s bizarre death

Hong Kong’s Singtao Daily reports that since democracy movement leader Li Wangyang’s bizarre death in Shaoyang, Hunan, the authorities have urged his relatives to cremate Li’s body. However, the relatives have insisted that a detailed autopsy should be carried out in a lawyer’s presence. Li’s relatives and friends have already entrusted Guangzhou lawyer Tang Jingling … Continue reading

Bizarre “suicide” in Hunan of June 4 leader is suspected murder

Singtao Daily gives a comprehensive report today that Li Wangyang, a June 4 democracy movement leader who was imprisoned for 21 years, was found dead in a bizarre manner in a hospital in Hunan. He looked to have died of suicide, hanging on a piece of white cloth, but his feet had not left the … Continue reading

Doctors doubt ‘hollow vow’ on assaults after deaths

Medical professionals cast doubt on the effectiveness of a pledge to curb angry displays by relatives of patients who die unexpectedly, saying it merely paid lip-service to a practice that has seen doctors killed. In one of the latest incidents, more than 40 doctors and nurses at the privately run Baixin Hospital in Hengshan county, … Continue reading

Billionaire may be first tycoon on top party body

A nomination as a congress delegate may pave the way for Sany boss Liang Wengen to join the Central Committee One of the mainland’s richest men, Liang Wengen is a front runner to become the first private businessman on the Communist Party’s Central Committee after being nominated as a potential delegate to the 18th party … Continue reading


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