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China: 200,000 children abducted and sold yearly

China National Radio’s said in its report titled Around 200,000 children disappear every year, only 0.1% found back, “According to various different statistics, in China the incomplete statistical figure of disappeared children every year is about 200,000. “Those found and returned roughly account for only 0.1% of the figure. “Behind the figure of disappeared … Continue reading

Thailand to use China’s GPS system

Thailand has become the first overseas client of BeiDou, China’s home-made satellite navigation network designed to challenge the dominance of the American GPS array. According to the South China Morning Post, China National Radio said a 2 billion yuan (9.5 billion baht) agreement to promote the use of BeiDou in Thailand’s public sector was signed in … Continue reading

Millions of tonnes of rural refuse are dumped in China’s waterways each year

Millions of tonnes of untreated refuse from the countryside end up in rivers and lakes annually. Many were shocked when thousands of dead pigs were found floating on Shanghai’s Huangpu River this month, but animal carcasses are not the only things that end up in the nation’s waterways. Rivers and lakes are among the major … Continue reading


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