Travel writer/blogger, reporter, researcher, feature and content writer looking for the unusual and quirky. TRAVTRAILS is a presentation of places visited and spiced with photographs taken by me. In my travel writings I have learnt to be a presenter and not a preacher. The role reverses when I see blatant misuse of natural resources, unrestricted access to tourist spots and national monuments and indifference to surroundings.... Travel is knowledge with enjoyment and learning and as long as I can I will.
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Baby gender inequality set to improve in India and China

The simple selfie stick is turning into a wand of prophetic political propensities due to untiring efforts of its major user…the present Prime Minister of India. In his latest social message to his country people, Narendra Modi, urged parents to post selfies with their daughters. This advice was to give political and social mileage to … Continue reading

Maid to order in Hong Kong

Maids are in the news lately, with Hong Kong being offered unlimited choice by importing helpers from Myanmar. Hong Kong is helper haven with nearly 300,000 domestic helpers, largely from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India with newcomers added from Bangladesh and now Myanmar. Their strength can be gauged on weekends when every available open and public … Continue reading

The great divide between China and India

In 1962, an unexpected and calamitous event, the India-China war of 1962, triggered far reaching personal and social overtones. It would take a few more years for the wounds to heal, to sweep intransigent feelings under the Chinese rugs, clothes and any and every thing made in China finding their way into Indian markets. The … Continue reading

Hong Kong: A take away journey

As I prepare to renew my acquaintance with my home country, India, I have a niggling doubt that my reaction is veering towards Betty Mullard’s* sentiments of loss or sadness or rancour, as described by Paul Theroux in ‘Kowloon Tong’ . Betty was leaving Hong Kong at the time of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong, … Continue reading

Thinking out of the book – tutors in China and Asia

A recent news report, ‘Mass tutoring churning out Robot Pupils’ (South China Morning Post, May 19, 2012) referred to a survey conducted by Mark Bray, a professor of Comparative Education at the University of Hong Kong. According to the survey about 54% of Form Three pupils and 72% of Form Six pupils have tutors. Tutoring, … Continue reading

Asia Extended: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver

On the flight from San Francisco to Calgary, my American-Chinese seat neighbour was candid about the population density of Hong Kong and China. As we approached the runaway, the vast snow-covered open land prompted him to comment that we should import people from the two countries to lighten their weight. He was in Calgary on a … Continue reading


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