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Cadence Column: Asia, September 23, 2019



China is dipping into its pork reserves while America is largely unaffected by the surge in oil prices. The pork crisis in China started with an outbreak of the African Swine Flu and has been exacerbated by the trade war. China doesn’t have energy independence like America does. Soon, China will have a crisis of both food and energy. Wars have started over less.

Taiwan is ready and on high alert. Though there is a surrender movement in Taiwan as always, Taiwan stands ready with the advantage. Projecting power for an invasion is not as easy as defending an impossible island. With a coastline of either cliffs or marshes and jungle mountains everywhere else, Taiwan is no walk in the park. Taiwan’s president is wise to the bullying of China and believes in taking a stand. This is why she supports Hong Kongers as she does.

The situation in Hong Kong is past dire. As foreseen, the protests turned violent because of a deaf government. “No” means “no”, but China and its puppets can’t bring themselves to accept that, and Hong Kongers won’t let “no” mean anything else. Chinese Confucian Communism now faces the determination of the West. The great showdown between the Shame culture of the Far East and the self-determined culture of the West has begun. It’s only going to escalate. And, all those people who preached “capitulation to the bully” and the “invincibility of Chinese Shame” are about to be proven drastically right or fatefully wrong.

Great Pacific

Hong Kong protests: The Taiwanese sending 2,000 gas masks // BBC News

Trade & Tech

Japan and South Korea are embroiled in a trade war. To understand it, you must look to history // ABC News Australia


Helen Raleigh: China has already lost the trade war. Here’s why // Fox News

China’s Muslim clampdown creeps into the heartland, targeting Hui minority // WA Post

Blackstone’s Tony James on US-China trade deal, geopolitical risks // CNBC

SEAL McRaven: China’s military buildup a ‘holy s—‘ moment for US // Business Insider

US lifts tariffs on 400 Chinese products as Donald Trump cites ‘a lot of progress’ on trade // SCMP

Donald Trump’s ready to escalate US trade war if deal not agreed soon, says top White House adviser Michael Pillsbury // SCMP

Trump is serious about US divorce from China // Financial Times

China’s economy faces a ‘triple threat’ — and one economist says the trade war is only part of the story // Markets Insider

Donald Trump warns China faces ‘toughest trade war deal ever’ if they wait until after US election // SCMP

China to release 10,000 tons of pork from reserves // CNN

Switching to China is High Risk: CBSI // Solomon Times


China Could Conquer Taiwan, But It Would Be In For a Very Tough Fight // Yahoo News

Political Maneuvering: Xi targeting Taiwan, sources say // Taipei Times

Political Maneuvering: Minister visits Kaohsiung, Han says crime rate down // Taipei Times

Concern over violence in Kaohsiung // Taipei Times

Political Maneuvering: Kiribati severs diplomatic relations // Taipei Times

US reassessing aid to Solomon Islands // Taipei Times

Kiribati cuts ties with Taiwan in diplomatic switch to China days after Solomon Islands pivot // ABC News Australia

Hong Kong

Hong Kong protests: China flag desecrated as fresh unrest erupts // BBC News

Hong Kong police storm mall as protest turns violent // Yahoo News

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters storm government building over China extradition bill // CNN

Hong Kong sit-in turns into skirmishes in Yuen Long on two-month anniversary of MTR attack // SCMP

Hong Kong protesters torch Chinese flag as cops fire tear gas // NY Post

Hong Kong police ‘pushed to the limit’ // BBC News

Ex-World Bank chief Robert Zoellick says Hong Kong leaders have lost touch, warns of ‘dangerous situation’ // SCMP

Hong Kong protests: Police warn of escalating violence amid new allegations of brutality // CNN

US taking Hong Kong protests ‘extremely seriously’, welcomes efforts to find solution, diplomat says // SCMP

Hong Kong Hotel Workers Go on Unpaid Leave as Tourists Shun City // Bloomberg

Russia news: Putin furious as three Russians wounded in attack by North Korean ship // Express

BNP Apologizes for Employee’s Posting on Hong Kong Protests // Bloomberg

“Many people in China can vaguely sense the absurdity of their life,” the student said. “But it takes guts to face the reality of dictatorship. That is hard and frightening.”
What Chinese Students Abroad Really Think About Hong Kong’s Protests // NY Times

Korean Peninsula

Why a North Korean Defector Says the Regime Will Soon End // TIME


Navy carrier strike group deploys – without its aircraft carrier // Fox News

BOOM: Why China Should Take Taiwan’s New Cruise Missile Seriously // Yahoo News

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