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China: Woman abducted, sold and held captive for five years as wife of stranger

China Human TraffickingMing Pao says in its report titled “Abducted woman rescued on train after 5 years”, “A woman was rescued on a train for Lanzhou after being abducted for 5 years. Two men were detained by the police for investigation

Lanzhou Morning Daily said in its report on May 12 that when Qingdao-to-Lanzhou K1027 train left Weifang Station, Xu Weiwei, a crew member in charge of hard-seat carriage no. 13 of the Lanzhou Passenger Train Crew District on duty on the train, found a young woman sitting in the toilet and weeping all the time.

Upon enquiry, one of the two men traveling along with the woman told Xu that he was a native of Tianshui, Gansu Province and that the woman was his wife. He brought the woman out to work two months before but unexpectedly his wife had recently had some mental problem. He and his relative were bringing her home for treatment on the train.

As the woman kept on weeping silently, Liang Lieguang, the head of the train crew, came over in haste and found that there were traces of wound on the woman’s hands and that the woman looked suspectable. At 10:00 pm, Liang and a railway policeman questioned the woman alone on the excuse of checking her id card.

The woman, Xiao Qin by name, 28, finally broke her silence. She said she was a Yunan native. When she was 23, she unfortunately fell into the hands of human traffickers and after lots of twists and turns, was sold to a male stranger as his wife in a remote mountain village in Tianshui.

She was closely watched by his family members all the time, and was not allowed to go a step outside his home. She has tried various ways to escape but was seized back every time she fled. In the five years, she suffered every kind of devastation and torment and gave birth to a son and a daughter for the man.

Xiao Qin said that perhaps as the children gradually grew older, the man relaxed his watch on her and got a fake id card for her. In February 2013, the man brought her to Weifang to work. However he made arrangement for his fellow-villagers to watch and control her around the work site. Due to Xiao Qin’s poor mental state, in May, 2013, the man suspected that she had some mental problem and decided to bring her back to Tianshui, Gansu.

The railway policeman immediately interrogated the two men. One of them said that he bought Xiao Qin for 30,000 yuan ($4,827) that year. The policeman detained the two at once. When the train arrived at Tianshui Station on May 13, railway police transferred the two men and Xiao Qin to Tianshui police.

Note: The man who bought a woman as his sex slave against the law was so bold as to bring her to a city far away to work along with him to make money for him. The man could feel quite safe as instead of sympathising and helping the woman, his fellow-villagers helped him watch and control the woman all the time! Where was their sense of law or even sense of sympathy and benevolence as human beings?

The man had kept the woman as his sex slave and maltreated the woman for five years with the help of his fellow-villagers!

What a country! No wonder, the wonton Cultural Revolution might happen there and Red Gaurds and rebels could persecute innocent people at will there.

Remember: China is a horrible place for young children and even grown-up young women. Be careful when you travel to China especially if you are a young woman and look like a Chinese.

Source: Ming Pao “Abducted woman rescued on train after 5 years” (translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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  2. India has company


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