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China’s ‘ingenious detective’ investigated for wrongfully imprisoning innocent people

Nie Haifen

Nie Haifen

Two innocent people, a man and his nephew, were accused of raping and killing a woman, but were finally rehabilitated after being imprisoned for 10 years.

Nie Haifen, the “ingenious detective” who was in charge of the case, has become the focus of public opinion.

An investigation team has been set up by authorities to make a thorough investigation of Nie Haifen and others’ roles in the wronged case throughout the judicial course from investigation through prosecution and trial.

In May 2003, Zhang Gaoping and Zhang Hui drove from their hometown Xiexian County, Anhui Province to Shanghai.

On their way, they gave a lift to a certain Ms Wang, a native of their hometown. The next day, the woman was found dead in the field naked from waist downward.

One year later, the court found the two guilty of raping and gave them a severe sentence. They were rehabilitated after ten years of imprisonment.

Nie Haifen, of the Public Security Bureau (PSB), was praised by the authorities as a “Female Miracle-working Detective” and granted the honour of “National March 8 Red Banner Pacesetter.”

In a TV program titled “Flawless–New Haifeng,” Nie Haifeng gave a self-glorification account of how under the conditions of having no evidence at all, she was able to make to make Chang Gaoping and his nephew confess the facts of their crime through “surprise interrogation” to “put them on tenterhooks”

According to official propaganda, Nie has been in charge of major cases to give death penalties in over 300 cases at trials of first instance, with zero error.

According to, the DNA found in Ms. Wang the victim’s nail was found to be that of a person other than Zhang and his nephew.

Since the police were unable to find the third person, they should have released the two, but they did not.  Instead, the two were prosecuted and convicted.

Later the DNA of Gou Haifeng, the criminal of another rape and murder case, was found highly identical to the DNA found and the manner of Gou’s crime was similar to the rape and murder in the two Zhangs’ wronged case. The two were thus lucky to be rehabilitated after 10 years of imprisonment.

CCTV interviewed Zhang Gaoping and Zhang Hui and found that the police beat them up and denied them sleep for days and nights in a row to force them to incriminate themselves.

Source: Singtao Daily “‘Ingenious Detective’ Investigated for Concocting Rape Crime” (translated from Chinese by Chan Kai Yee)

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